Training and services

Education is one of the most important ways to ensure employee safety and also the validity of high-altitude work. The training is conducted in a safe place according to Government Decision 1406/1993 and the goal is: To provide legal qualifications referred to in the customer's systems and equipment users, and to describe other common solutions to the problems faced by later reference. Give an overview of the dangers of high-altitude work, responsibilities and solutions to problems. To provide practical experience operating basic equipment, maintenance and required visual inspection of the equipment. Training improves safety and provides better abilities to estimate workplace risks and act in a safe manner in special situations where there's not an actual fall protection system.
- Fall protection, fall prevention, rescue and general solutions and precautions.
- NOTE! Fall protection and training, and active risk assessment alone is not enough! Each work must also have a written emergency plan. Also, a person who has fallen upon the system needs help fast!

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Inspecting and lifetime

As stated in European Standard EN 365, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against fall from height must be inspected at least once every twelve months by a competent person who, in some cases, will involve sending the item back to a trained service agent, who will decide whether the equipment is suitable..

Training Package

With the high altitude training package, you ensure your employees competence working in fall hazard environments. Through risk assessment, the training improves safety in the workplace, directly and indirectly, as well as, of course, meet the requirements of work safety laws. In addition, it helps creating..